Classic L Clarinet

Classic L Clarinet

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The Classic is our entry-level professional clarinet. We’ve revived the classic French sound and playing characteristics with the quality of German precision and design. Air-dried wood, modern ergonomic key work. durable silver plating and the highest quality leather pads all at a modest price make this instrument a rare value.


  • 17 keys, 6 rings
  • selected seasoned Grenadilla wood, ergonomically optimized design
  • undercut tone holes
  • “Classic” bore, Eb lever (Classic-L 18/6)¹
  • 2 barrels
  • adjustable ergonomic thumbrest
  • leather pads
  • silver plated keywork, inlaid Sterlingsilver signet
  • FAU mouthpiece, Vandoren reed, Rovner ligature, X-Light case
  • Our Promise on Warranty:

    All F. Arthur Uebel Clarinets comes with a full maintenance warranty for the first two years upon purchase.  This will cover any manufacturing defects, keypads, and bore issues.

  • Cracks:

    Nobody wants the wood of the clarinet to be cracked!  James Music Shop guarantees two years of worry-free crack solution service. Please contact us as soon as you discover possible damages to your instrument.