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F. Arthur Uebel

6.AUGUST 1888 – 31.AUGUST 1963



Arthur Uebel

In 1936, Friedrich Arthur Uebel, established his own workshop in Markneukirchen, Germany. After the death of his “old master”, Oskar Oehler, he carried on the tradition of manufacturing “state of the art” clarinets under the brand of F. Arthur Uebel. Using the foundation of this tradition and the latest manufacturing techniques, we are able to enthuse discerning clarinet players all over the world.

With the introduction of the new French system clarinets F. Arthur Uebel set a new standard in sound, ergonomics and response.


Pure German made at its finest…

Made by master craftsman, from its finest materials from Markneukirchen (aka “the music town), using Germany’s traditional methods. The town’s instrument-making history stems from the 17th century where 80% of the world’s musical instruments were made in this small town.

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